Arkanoid, Blackberry, Relationships, and 2 free games for Windows Mobile

When I was young and restless (OK, I’m lying; I was never restless) I used to play a stupid game called Arkanoid.
I was damn good at it, and I broke all of my friends records! (OK, I’m lying, I was mediocre in Arkanoid…)

In some ways, playing Arkanoid is similar to playing tennis against the wall, except that from time to time the wall does something which is supposed to be “interesting”, such as throwing a stone at you, or changing the direction of the ball.

Well, recently I discovered that Blackberry has this game (built inside the 8800 device), and using the trackball, it’s pretty fun too!

And then I did a mistake that would change my life forever:
I had to share this exciting finding with my wife (Famous addicted to stupid games such as Zuma) – and this was a big mistake, BIG MISTAKE!
In few minutes she became totally addicted and completely forgot about me.

Losing your spouse to a Blackberry is a common phenomenon, but what do you do when you lose both your spouse and your own Blackberry at the same time?

I’ll tell you what you do, you get bored, you go to the gym, you eat better, you sleep some more, you relax a bit, you live – HOW HORRIBLE!!!

To solve my problem, I started looking for other alternatives, but couldn’t find anyone which I liked better than my wife…
(OK, bad joke… Sorry, won't happen again)

So, I decided to get back my Blackberry back to me by providing a proper replacement to that Arkanoid game for her own Windows Mobile device.

And here it is: 2 alternatives:

TecnoBallZ – is a free Arkanoid game for Windows Mobile.
I found that it has some very nice looking features but I need to explore it some more.

It'd kind of complicated, and I'm not crazy about the UI so if you prefer something more simple, here's another game which is simple bug fun:

FreePong - is a free game for Windows Mobile.

You can download it for free from here.

Speeking about Pong - here's a cool video I found - watch till the end:

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