HTC has a Multi Touch for the Poor People

I received a mail today with a link to this video:

Well, I have to admit I saw it already in many blogs, and the reason I did not post about it was that I don't believe it's interesting.

It's no secret that the Diamond and I don't get along too well (and it's not because it broke up with me!).
I don't like the user interface that much, I hate the screen low sensitiveness, and recently I discovered that I also don't like the D-pad buttons which are way to small / stiff / not comfortable for my (gentle yet manly ;-)) fingers.

So what if it has a multi touch?
I mean, come'on! The size of this "multi-touch" surface is less than an inch.
Why would I care that it has a multi-touch?
What can I possibly do with it?

My fellow WinMo users out there: I say, let's stick with what's good in Windows Mobile (tons of freewares, Samsung Omnia, Treo Pro, Easy developement platform) and let's not try to invent things which are simply not there yet.

Think about it 'Y'...