Looking for Cool Windows Mobile Games (for free)?

Here's the best free games I reviewed in the last 2 months in addition to 1 new game:

I was "cleaning" my device the other day (deleting useless freeware which I tend to install much too often) and found few nice games I wanted to recommend on (some of them are not new, but still worth mentioning...)

shift2 Shift

Short game that becomes longer as you learn how to play it better. The goal here is to move the lines and somehow match the items. Sweet!

I like the user interface of it, it's clean, works well on both 240,240 and 240,320 screens and can be used with both finger and d-pad buttons.

Fun and addictive.

Click here to download.



Here's another nice game which resembles the good old Sokoban.

I wasted few hours on this one, but once my wife became completely addicted to it - I lost interest (I'm such a bad loser...).

works OK on both 240,240 and 240,320 screens and works well with the d-pad button.

Click here to download.


Skinz Sudoku

Screen11 SkinzSudoku SkinzSudoku2 SkinzSudoku3

Amazingly sweet version of the game. I personally don't play with it, but the UI is so nice that I had to have it (and to recommend it) . If you are a Sudoku addict - try it out.

(does not work well on square [240,240] screens).

Click here to download.



OK, what are the chances that you haven't yet seen this Tetris game?

None ha...

I know...

Nevertheless, if you don't have it yet, here's where do download it...



And now, as promised, a new game I would like to recommend on:


According to the developer:

This is an update to our well known checkers game, this one, have 2 important upgrades plus a lot of internal improvements.

1) Game now supports change the Queen movement between the American and International Rules.

2) A new AI level - "Genius" - was added, of course it will require a bit more of time but the computer will play better. Are you sure you are good playing checkers?

Click here to download.