The prince is dead! Long live the Prince!

- Mobile market is a jungle. (we know that already).
- RIM is dominating the US smartphones market. (we know that too).
- It's a matter of time before Microsoft's Windows Mobile will overcome RIM's success.

EMMMM! Wrong!!!

What we didn't know is that during the second quarter of 2008 - a turnover occurred, and for the first time - RIM's Blackberry OS managed to surpass Windows Mobile OS!

Symbian is still the undisputed king of Mobile OS, with 57% (comparing to 65% last year).
RIM is now second, replacing Microsoft with 17.4% (comparing to 8.9% last year - more than double!).
Third is Windows Mobile with 12% (went 1% up).

Few years ago people were willing to bet that Microsoft will crush Blackberry's popularity the same way it did to Palm few years ago, I wonder if anyone will be willing to bet about it now...

Recently I started using a Blackberry device and I must admit that it's a great phone but B-O-R-I-N-G! I still prefer Windows Mobile because of all the options it gives and the strong platform (and of course - all the freewares).
(find all my detailed reports about using a Blackberry in here).

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