Report - US Smartphones Market Leaders

The NPD Group released another report about the handsets market in the US (2008).

Few highlights I found:
- While overall sales of handsets declined in the US, smartphones revenue increased (71%) reaching around $1.7 billion.

- Apple Jumped straight to becoming second in smartphone unit sales - behind RIM who continues to lead.

- Following the ranking are: 3. Palm, 4. Samsung, 5. Motorola.

- No Nokia again.

That's all.


Wait a minute…

Something is missing…

Something doesn't feel right…

What the… ?

Where the hell is HTC?

Well, apparently the number #1 manufacturer of Windows Mobile devices, who gave us the Touch, Touch Diamond, Pro, and developed other devices such as Treo Pro, and Xperia - is not in the top 5!
According to the report, HTC dropped significantly from number #2 all the way to number #6!

HTC's Response:
"We are not a number! We are a free organization!"

And to think it's all because of one criticizing review...

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