Samsung Omnia - Better than the iPhone?

There's an ongoing debate regarding the trio: (not treo) iPhone, Diamond, Omnia.

According to Matthew Miller: Samsung Omnia beats the iPhone.
In his post, he give a complete list of features which exist in the Omnia and does not exist in the iPhone.

Here's some of them:
- Ability to rotate in three directions in all applications
- Ability to connect to A2DP headphones or a Bluetooth keyboard
- Ability to tether the device to a PC with a wired or wireless connection
- 5 megapixel camera that captures video and has image stabilization with flash
- Download and store podcasts wirelessly
- Access the file system and connect as a flash drive or via Bluetooth to a PC
- FM radio with RDS support
- Office Mobile support (creation and editing)
- Cut, copy, and paste
- Handwriting recognition
- 3rd party navigation and turn-by-turn direction support
- Advanced 3rd party support (SlingPlayer, photo/video editing, etc.)
- Advanced Exchange/Outlook synchronization capability
- Haptic feedback
- Removable battery
- Removable storage card

Something which is missing here is the user interface - I believe that iPhone beats the Omnia here, because most of the fancy omnia stuff is around the shell functionality, and when you get inside each application you get the good (is it good???) old Windows Mobile UI.

Read the entire post in here.