SpoonAlarm 2.1 is here! Free Alarm Application for Windows Mobile

SpoonAlarm 2.1 is available for download in http://www.spoontools.com/!

The new version includes few fixes and 2 improvements:

1. The wake-up snoozer is automatically modifying the volume to be loud: this means that even if you set the volume to be very low - the alarm will still wake you up.

2. The Windows Notifications can be turned off using a new configuration parameter.

I received many requests to remove the use of the Windows Notification (the reminder that pops up before the MP3 song is being played).

At first I thought of completely removing them and tested it with 3 different devices (HP, Treo, Symbol MC35).

But then, I tested it on an HTC Titan, and I found that without the notification - the alarm simply does not wake up the device.

I searched all over the net for some explanations about it and I found that there are few devices which suffer from this symptom.

To be sure I downloaded few other popular alarms and saw that all of them could not wake up this HTC Titan. So I'm pretty sure it's some limitation in the way this device implemented the wake up mechanism.

Does it mean bad news? hell no!

With the option to use Windows Notification - the SpoonAlarm will sill function in those problematic devices! It means that if your device does not wake up without this option - simply check the "Use Windows Notification" option and boom! SpoonAlarm is working for you too!

I will write another post about the windows functionality I'm using here so that other developers can use it as well.

That's it for now - download the new version of the SpoonAlarm and your mornings will change forever! ;-)

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Anonymous said…
Could you please tell me, how to disable WM notifications that left after uninstalling this app? Re-installed doesn't see them at all.
I removed spoonalarm for a few reasons:
1. it fired 8 times in a row ...just because it forgot to run them when their time had came(!)
2. it fires while making call!
3. it fires sooooo slooooooow.
4. instead of disabling alarm (I'm pretty damn sure I've pressed this button) it went to snooze.
5. it's too primitive scheduler (I need waking
up on saturdays only...)
Now I'm happy to use G-Alarm, sorry.
Anonymous said…
It totally crashed my HTC Touch Pro. Now I have trouble removing it, because when I restart the phone the alarm jsut goes off, and the app. crashes. Help?
Daniel said…
Is there a way that you could add a function so we the users can control the volume of the wake up snoozer? When mine goes off in the morning I am about shaking because its pretty loud, and plus I'm a light sleeper. It would be cool if we could control the volume. I enjoy this app and would like to keep using it.
Karim said…
What a great program! I think its feature set is pretty darn fine for the price! My only suggestions are more about compatibility:
I have a new Samsung Saga from Verizon, which has one of those optical mouse thingies. I noticed that in SpoonAlarm (2.1) just moving the mouse over the tray icon brings up the program, instead of actually having to click on it. Also, I love the big buttons to turn the alarm On or Off, but these buttons too are triggered just by mousing over without having to click, so its easy to change by mistake. I can see how this just wouldn't be an issue using the stylus.

Oh and finally, one thing I actually like about the standard alarms in Windows Mobile (6.1 pro - both the Alarm program under Programs or the lightweight alarms you can set by clicking on the "Clock & Alarms panel of the Today screen) is that when the alarm is "armed," a little alarm bell icon shows on my today screen next to the time and date on the "Clock & Alarms" panel...helpful reminder for me. SpoonAlarm shows the tray icon which is helpful to let me know it is running, but doesn't tell me at a glance whether it's armed. Maybe the icon could have a red X over it when not armed perhaps? Or maybe SpoonAlarm can hook into the "Clock & Alarms" panel of the today screen as do the standard alarm systems.

I find the standard alarms totally lame because a) it's not loud (LOVE how SpoonAlarm cranks the volume no matter what I had it set to before going to bed); b) it plays the chosen mp3 like for 20 seconds or less and then just stops even if I don't press snooze! What kind of alarm is that?! Oh and a) and b) are just my gripes with the alarm program that shows up under Programs...if you double click the "Clock & Alarms" panel on the Today screen you can set yet other alarms, but you can't choose a sound, they beep and vibrate softly for like three seconds when they fire, and that's about it.

Please feel free to contact me if you have any questions about my suggestions, I'd be happy to help you test a new version if you don't have access to a device with an optical mouse. I think it's pretty much limited to Samsung phones such as Epix and Saga.
bubbah said…
sorry...this thing looks nice when installed but locked up my Motosurf a3100 winMobile6.1pro tight and required a rare battery removal to get out ...took it off for now ...requires more work imho !!