SpoonAlarm 2.1 - a new version is coming soon!

Guess what?

In a couple of days I will be releasing a new version (yes another one!) of the SpoonAlarm. It will be version 2.1 and will include 2 small but important fixes based on many requests I been receiving the past few months.

So first - thank you all for using the SpoonAlarm and thanks for all the compliments.

And now for the upcoming improvements:

1. Something small I just added tonight: the volume of the MP3 file will no longer be taken from the media player configuration. Instead it will be set to be loud to make sure it will always wake you up. (as you know - waking you all up is my ultimate goal ;-))

2. Something more critical: many of you pointed that the default reminder that pops up before the song actual starts is somewhat annoying. I didn't think so, but you know, if people are telling you you are drunk - there's a good chance you drank something...

So - the next version will not be using the windows default notifications (reminders) and will simply wake the device up.

I still need to test it with few more devices before I upload it to my site (www.spoontools.com) - so stay tuned, it's close. real close!


David Gray said…
Well let me just say, every jolting sound that jars you from a good sleep is annoying, so yes, that damn notification was the first thing to curse at, the second being the song that played---which is why I chose one I liked a lot, because, after all, the whole idea is to get awake when you need to. That said, I have blessed The Mobile Spoon many a morning for saving my bacon by creating spoon alarm. It works and it works well. Now, if you wanna make changes, I am not going to complain because you obviously know what you're doing, and you do it well. Thanx again, and I look forward to more goodness.
Anonymous said…
SpoonMan, it's like you just read my mind. These are the exact changes i would wish for (not that i don't like what i already have, i just see you keep surprising) - so i can't wait!

Randle said…
Great little tool, but it annoys me at the moment. Its like waking up on the wrong side of the bed every morning!

Getting rid of the windows reminders is an excellent idea! I got 7 this morning from a count down timer that I set yesterday and also disabled! I've also been woken up before after having turned off the alarm (I'm running Windows Mobile 6.0 on a dopod 810)
Anonymous said…
I`ve been using Spoon Alarm for a couple of days now and I like it. It never let me down like the WM alarm clock often did.
But there`s one thing that makes me wake up with a headache one day or the other: I surely wanna be woken up, but I don`t want to get KILLED by my alarm clock, so is there any chance to have a volume control in future versions? Not that tricky media player thing I read about. Just a simple volume control. That would be really nice :-)