SpoonDo! - Famous at last!

This one took more than I expected...


20 days after I released the SpoonDo! - finally it's all over the Internet! 1600 search results in Google, 29,000 search results in Live Search (I wonder how it can be...) and most of the big mobile downloads sites now have it (which as usual means, I can no longer track the number of downloads...)

Some of the places where you can find the SpoonDo! (all of them are great sites for many Windows Mobile freewares)






I already started receiving requests from people who are using SpoonDo!, the main request is about having the completed tasks with a different indication (I never use completed tasks, I usually simply delete them) - which will be the main improvement I will do in next release.


SpoonDo! 2.0 - here we go!

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