SpoonDo! - a free Tasks Manager for Windows Mobile

Last night I uploaded my new freeware to SpoonTools.com.
This freeware is called ‘SpoonDo!’ and is all about managing the daily activities using Outlook tasks.

For months I’ve been looking for a simple application that will let me view, add, and actually manage my daily tasks in a convenient way.

And after trying few tasks managers and the default Windows Mobile tasks module I gave up, and decided to write something on my own.

The SponDo! Is not the fanciest software but it’s practical:
First, it’s finger friendly.
Secondly, it give a great view of the tasks, categorized to different folders (according to the subjects), and it’s very easy to navigate between one section (folder) to the next one.
In addition, 2 things which were missing for me up to now are the ability to quickly add a task (including optional stuff like priority, subject, etc.) and most of all – a built in view which presents all the urgent tasks sorted by their due dates.

All of that, of course, is built on top of Microsoft’s Outlook objects model, which means that every task you create in SpoonDo! will also be synchronized with your Outlook and will become available in your desktop version.

Here are some screenshots:

Main View (Categories Folders)

The main view includes the different categories folders. No need to manage it, it’s all done automatically according to the tasks.
If you wish to add a new folder – just create a task with that category and a folder will automatically be created.
A click on the right arrow will get into the categories themselves.
It is also possible to create a new task from this view (left button).

Tasks List

The tasks list (per each category) includes panels with the icon (changes according to the data of the task), subject, and some details.
Each line can also include due date that will change the color based on the date.

To open a task – click on it, to move to the next folder – click on the right arrow.
To move to the previous folder – click on the left arrow (located in the middle).
You can also go straight back to the categories view using the button on the left (smaller arrow with the categories sign)
Task Details Form:

The Task form itself includes 3 tabs.
In general, only the subject field is mandatory so that new tasks can be added very quickly.
If you need some more information – you can fill in the details.
Second tab will present the category name (where you can select existing category or create new one).
In this tab it is also possible to set the importance of the task using the slider.

The third tab includes some more optional fields such as due date and reminder.

That’s it.
I hope you will enjoy the SpoonDo! and find it useful as I did.
If you encounter a bug – please let me know.

Comments are welcome – as usual!

Oh… almost forgot:

To download – click here.
And if you feel like supporting me - feel free to donate (thanks!).

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Anonymous said…
Just downloaded it and it looks fantastic.
Paul said…
Looks great! An option to mark task as complete or delete task would be a nice feature to add.
Gil Bouhnick said…
You can delete a task using a context menu (long click on the task panel will pop it up... maybe I should improve it...)

In regards to completed tasks - do you use it? I usually just remove the completed ones, but I can see how you may want it to be left somewhere in case it includes some important information...
Robby said…
This is really great! Caught you at XDA. How hard would it be to create a scaled down today plugin of this?
Anonymous said…
Very useful! Many thanks.
I'm also a Spoonalarm addict - so thanks for that as well!
Gil Bouhnick said…
Robby, I never created a "today" plugin, so for now I don't think it will be so simple to do it.

You can, as an alternative, connect SpoonDo! to one of your shortcuts keyboards so that a single click will open it...
(This is what I did... )
Paul said…
@Gil, the context menu will do perfectly! Never thought of that. Completed tasks... nope do not use it either ;-)
Bruce said…
This looks like a great, thanks! I have been using Nested Tasks, but this looks more finger-friendly.

A few questions/comments:
1. Is there any way to delete unused categories? After rearranging things several times, I now have several categories with no entries on the main page.

2. Is it possible to assign a task to multiple categories?

3. Is there any way of ordering the tasks other than by "Due date"? I don't really have due dates for my tasks (for example, "Buy paintbrushes" doesn't have a specific day it needs to be done, but I would like to display in the list above "Paint fence".)

4. If I'm not mistaken, it appears to be setting the Due Date (when viewed from Outlook) for any tasks I edit even though I have unchecked the Due Date box.

5. It would be nice to have a nested overview of all tasks, such as in Nested Tasks: http://img91.imageshack.us/img91/9753/nestedtaskscv3.gif
(though maybe this would be difficult to make finger-friendly.)