SpoonDo! in French

Usually, 3-4 weeks after a upload a new freeware to SpoonTools.com - I find my freeware in 10's of popular freewares sites.

For example, the SpoonAlarm can be found (according to Google) in 11,300 sites, SpooNotes in 7,000 sites etc.

As much as it's a huge fun to see that your work is becoming popular - it has a price:
I like keeping track of the number of downloads I have, (I'm doing it using Google Analytics), but once the freewares are being uploaded to other's sites (which are usually far more popular than mine...) - I loose track of the numbers, which is a shame.

Last week I've posted here about a new freeware I created called: SpoonDo!

I think it's a really cool and useful app, it lets you manage your daily tasks in a finger friendly user interface and it has a very convenient design.

(To Download click here)

I guess the rumor did not spread yet, since none of the big freewares sites have added it yet, except for few French sites, which even created a new image - SpoonDo! in French!

BTW, the Task in the screenshots talks about checking the bank account information and adding some papers to it... If you are interested, I have the second screenshot with the exact details (bank, account number, etc... I'm selling it...)

(just kidding...)

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