SpoonMan's Origins

Many people ask me why I'm using the word “Spoon” so often.
Naturally, I will avoid answering that – to keep some mystery around...

What I can say is that it started back in the 90’s where Seattle bands ruled the rock industry with great bands such as Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, and Mostly (for me) Soundgarden.

In 1994, Soundgarden released a song called “SpoonMan” (see video below).

"Spoonman" is often credited as one of the songs that launched Soundgarden's career into the mainstream, and the funny thing about it is that it’s based on a real man: Artis the Spoonman (website), a street performer from Seattle, who plays music with a set of spoons.

Here's Soundgarden's official SpoonMan video:


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