Why Don't Men Like Diamonds?

Well, actually many of them do, but I don't...

Meetings, first dates, ego, here's few non-tech reasons why I (still) don't like HTC's Star - the Touch Diamond.



I know it's the smallest Windows Mobile phone ever created.

I know it's slim and sexy.

I know the prism design is special too, but hey, call me old fashion, but if I cannot spin my phone on a table when I'm sitting in a bar - what's the point of having one? The Diamond looks amazing, but I still prefer devices with rounded edges.



When it comes to phones - size does matter, and the Diamond is just too small for me! I'm a gadgets fan! I like gadgets! Give me something big and noticeable to brag about!


Imagine this: you are attending one of those boring meetings, and all of the sudden, this guy pulls out his... iPhone.

If you are a truly Windows Mobile fan - I assume that just like me, your ego just cannot stand it! It's time to act - to pull out your own weapon!

What's it gonna be: a Diamond (that from far may look like one of those... Nokia phones...)? Or a real iPhone killer such as the huge shiny Samsung Omnia?



Screen Sensitivity:

Diamond is the hardest known material in the world (almost), and HTC certainly followed that guide when they've built their Touch Diamond: its probably the toughest (non-rugged) device I've ever used! Both the screen and the d-pad buttons are almost rigid, forcing you to press real strong to make things moving. Try using the OK button couple of times and you will see what I mean.


Imagine this: you are in a first date. You decide to make an impression with some cool pictures of yourself doing some really cool stuff like... surfing, diving... or... working... reading blogs...err... whatever.

You are sliding your fingers back and forth, struggling  to navigate through pictures using the UI gestures - but be careful - too many finger marks on your phone can certainly make you look like a dirty man. Irreversible damage for a first date.




The Virtual keyboard is killing all the fun (and productivity) out of every phone, and since the Diamond is so small - the problem is becoming even worse.


Imagine this: you are running an obscure blog, writing about mobility and trying to invent new Murphy's laws, when suddenly you get a mail from Chris Leckness who invites you to take part in his famous MobilitySite.

Unfortunately for you - you are on vacation. But hey, that won't stop you, right? You can always blog from your MOBILE DEVICE!

Well, actually it depends: If your friends call you Mr. Mobile, and you are using the new Treo Pro - you might. But if you are using the HTC Diamond, you may end up wasting most of your vacation trying to complete one single post...


Think about it...