Bluehoo - Meet new friends using Bluetooth

Months ago, I was sitting with some friend in a bar, thinking of ways to "pick up women" using Bluetooth.

Think about it, she is sitting next to you, and you are too shy to talk to her directly (well, that's because you are a proud gadgets geek of course). But, you can see her in your mobile, and can send her some kind of a really smart message...

We thought it might be a good idea, and then we went home.

Today, while reading Mr. Mobile blog I discovered

Bluehoo is a mobile app that helps you make new social connections with the people around you - for business or for please.

Bluehoo uses Bluetooth to discover "hoos" around you right here, right now, shows you those people’s profiles and helps you start conversations.

Download Bluehoo Beta today - its free!

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