How to fake incoming calls in Windows Mobile?

Fake Call is a quick and easy way to call yourself in order to politely escape social situations

You all know how it goes.

You are in a lousy date. The worst!

Just praying for something that will put you out of your misery.

Suddenly a phone call! This could be your saving bell!

She picks up her phone, and you hear her say: "Oh, I see, no problems, if you need me I'm coming... Now? sure... just finishing something... bye...".

WHAT THE #$%@^&@#??? (Your ego thinks to himself...)

Could it be that she is giving ME this cheap trick???

Well yes, it's possible that she even planed it in advance!

With "Fake Call" - a free application for Windows Mobile - there's a good chance she scheduled a fake incoming call just to set you up and get out of this date!

Here's a short video demonstration:

If you think this is a useful application - you can download it for free from FreewarePocketPC using this direct link.

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