How to select a proper device for your field personnel


Many field service organization are struggling with the question: which mobile device should their field employees use.

I've posted a short post about this subject in ClickSoftware's new blog: Clickipedia.

The title of the article is: "How to select the best mobile device for your organization?" although it focuses mainly on field service technicians who needs to be on-line most of the time, get daily updates (about their tasks) in almost real-time but at the same time - they need to be able to perform advanced functions with their mobile device such as using detailed maps, modifying documents, filling reports, perform system diagnostics etc.

This creates a tradeoff between using smartphones such as Windows Mobile that has a lot of advantages (size, truly portable, single hand enabled) but also disadvantages (small screen, limited CPU) and tablets like computers.

If you find this subject interesting - check out ClickSoftware's blog.


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How to select the best mobile device for your field resources