Make your Windows Mobile Lists Scrollable by Finger!

This is why I love Windows Mobile so much.

You see a nice feature in another platform (e.g. iPhone) - and you KNOW you can count on somebody from the Windows Mobile community to implement it for you. Most of the time - for free!

Couple of days ago I complained about new WinMo devices that doesn't have any hardware button. I received some comments and tweaks about some changes that can be done, and that will make windows Mobile much more finger friendly.

This one is better than all those tweaks! It's called: FTouchFlo.

It adds finger friendly scrolling to all of your WinMo applications. Which means - no need to use the stylus to scroll through long lists - instead - a finger stroke will do the trick!

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! [evil man laughing]

The developer also added few more features which I personally didn't like, but exist. In addition, there is a newer version of this app, but unfortunately it's not free of charge.

I installed the free version and it's really good.

To download the freeware - click here.

To visit the developer's site and purchase the newer version - here.


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Wingman said…
Also, consider Schap's FTouchFlo config editor program in conjunction with FTouchFlo.