Mobile Super Heroes! (or is it: Super Mobile Heroes?)


We in the MobileSpoon like Super Heroes!

This is why we decided to turn every hot device to a super hero!


This is what we came up with so far:


The Amazing Windows Mobile Hulk!

He is big! He is tough! He is the strongest one (even though not the most admirable by the crowed) - He is the Amazing Windows Mobile Hulk!

Hulk Windows Mobile


The Iron Blackberry!

He is a successful business man. His source of power is in his chest, in this lightning [track]ball. This is the Iron Blackberry!



The iPhone Surfer!

Perfect for (web) surfing! Shiny and sparkling! This is the

iPhone Surfer!




He looks like someone we knew few years ago, but forgot the name...

He should be modern, but doesn't look so...

He is the Android!

Android copy


Palm's Dark Night - the Treo Pro!

He doesn't have any special power yet he is the strongest of them all!

He may not be the shiniest one - but he is the most appreciated!

The king of all mobile super heroes - Palm Treo Pro!

Batman_Begins_Sunset-L copy

Keep on sending us great ideas!

Comments are welcome (as usual).


Anonymous said…
He he he...
Funny one!
WOW this is amazing... I am Digging it right now...

Saijo George ( )