I found this application in PocketPCFreaks.

Searching for a Contact - Windows Mobile SkinI didn't have time to test this yet, but as they give a free copy now - so I thought I will first put the link and then do the actual checking...

After all - we all loooooove freewares, right?

So here's the full description pasted from their site:

"O3touch is a windows mobile dialer that significantly speeds up calling, searching, texting and emailing your contacts making the use of the phone (and you) much more effective.

1 touch access to all key features

1 finger , writing, searching, dialing, sending

1 minute to master - super intuitive user interface

As a special introductory offer O3touch is currently free (yes - zero, zilch, nothing, nil) why?

Be effective – Download Now

View O3touch full features list

View O3touch users testimonials

o3touch - windows mobile skins"


Now, I know what you want to say, you want to thank me... it's cool, forget about it, I'm happy to help, seriously, this is why I'm here for... your happiness is my goal, seriously, just doing my job...

Main Features:

  • Dual language operation, English and any second language installed and operating on the device (does not support Chinese, Japanese etc.)
  • Two typing methods, standard phone number pad typing and a unique method customized for touch screen devices
  • Selected letter display while typing
  • A quick contact search interface
  • Name search options, “starts with…and also… and also”
  • Phone number search interface according to “containing…”
  • Contact interface with extended filtering capabilities
  • New contact creation and existing contact edit interface
  • Automatic new number recognition and assimilation to an existing or new contact
  • Sms and email writing interface
  • Text editing interface for instant messaging
  • UUp to 3 groups of ten contacts with quick access (thirty contacts in total)
  • Full and instant real time synchronization with outlook
  • Personal customization of reaction times and other characteristics
  • Auto preset response for missed calls and text massages

SMS And Email Composition Screen - Windows Mobile Skin


Main Menu - Letters - Windows Mobile Skin


I will post a review about it once I have some time to check it myself.


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