Should Palm Go With Google?

I read an interesting post today with the title: "Why Palm Needs Android?".

The writer reviews Palm problematic position in the current smartphones market, and even suggests that Palm should get rid of the constantly delayed Nova project and focus on creating Android based phones.

After reading it (I recommend you do the same...) I started thinking about Palm's unusual situation:

- It has a very old mobile OS which can hardly compete with the new ones.

- It is working on a new OS (codename: Nova) that will be based on Linux (god knows when or how it will turn out to be).

- its' most profitable phones are manufactured by HTC and running Microsoft's Windows Mobile...


It's a bit sad to see how the company who practically started the smartphones revolution years ago with the green & black touch handheld devices lost the leadership to Microsoft and later on to RIM and all "the others".

But, all of that doesn't persuade me!

I still think that the best device I've had in the past 3-4 years (and I worked with many) is the Palm Treo 750, and my next device will undoubtedly be the Treo Pro - Palm's Dark Night!

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