SPB Mobile Shell Panel in Sony Ericsson Xperia X1

I'm a long time user of the SPB tools. I like the way they build their user interface and the SPB Mobile Shell product is the first thing I install on each of my devices.

Recently I posted in my blog about Toshiba embedding SPB Mobile shell as the main shell UI.

Today I found that the SPB Mobile Shell will be one of the panels included in Sony Ericsson's XPeria X1.


As part of the strategic partnership between Sony Ericsson and Spb Software, Spb has put forth a top-notch, Spb Mobile Shell-based solution that compliments the X1 in both style and speed. Taking advantage of the smartphone's unique panel technology, impressive hardware and dynamic wide VGA touchscreen, this custom version of Spb Mobile Shell is optimized for the new Xperia, and comes with all X1 devices as a free download.

I usually post about freewares I can recommend on, because as someone who also develop them I believe it is a good thing for the Windows Mobile community. But I have to admit that when it comes to SPB tools - I am willing to pay for the pleasure.

Read the full press release in here and here.

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