SpoonDo! 1.5 - a Free Outlook Tasks Manager for Windows Mobile


The smiling tasks are back with a new version.

This version (1.5) is a result of many requests I received from both readers and users - so first - thanks for your support and feedback, and second - keep on commenting and sending me feedback about the SpoonTools.

SpoonDo_1.5 4

So what's new in version 1.5?

1. Improved load time - the load time used to be very very slow, and now it's better (not yet perfect, but better): Instead of loading the entire data - I now use a lazy load mechanism (each page is loaded per request the first time it is being used) and as a result the initial load time is half the time it used to be.

2. Completed Tasks - I added completed tasks support as can be viewed in the picture below (black icon indicates the tasks is completed. Completed tasks will come last when loading/refreshing the page.

SpoonDo_1.5 3

3. Completed tasks are automatically being removed from the 'Urgent Tasks' list.

SpoonDo_1.5 2

4. Popup menu when clicking on the task icon - instead of a long press - simply click on the left icon and it will popup the menu with 2 options: delete or mark as complete/incomplete.


All the rest is the same - finger friendly, simple to use - enjoy!

Read more about the SpoonDo! in here.

(Oh, and make sure to add a daily task: checking out the Mobile Spoon blog - there are more updates on the way!!!)


To Download the latest version: Click here.

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David Eason said…
I installed this on my new (for me) Dell Axim X51V and it looks great. It is nice to see a Tasks utility that is not crammed into the Today screen. Obviously a lot of thought was put into streamlining the interface to Tasks and making it finger friendly.

I have a suggestion, hopefully a small one. I don't think it should show completed tasks. You seem to recommend deleting tasks instead of marking them complete. In the original SpoonDo post, you had asked "In regards to completed tasks - do you use it? I usually just remove the completed ones, but I can see how you may want it to be left somewhere in case it includes some important information."

I would answer that question this way. Considering you have invested considerable effort in reducing the number of steps required to manipulate a task, the fact that you have added a new step of having to delete the task after having marked it complete seems to fly in the face of the design simplicity you stand for! Keep in mind that people are going to be checking off tasks in things like TodayAgenda and Outlook in addition to your program (that was the point of leverage the existing Tasks applet vs using a proprietary database, wasn't it?) and in some cases those tasks will immediately disappear from view.

So I would appreciate some tweak where the user could choose between All Tasks or Active Tasks, similar to the builtin Tasks applet.

That's my feedback, SpoonDo is definitely a keeper and I look forward to trying some of your other software.
Anonymous said…
I agree with the former poster. If there is a way to hide the completed tasks that would be great.