Are you a Windows Mobile Addict?

Windows Mobile users' community includes many types of users ranging from those who wish things were more trivial and simple, to the ones who are completely addicted to the powerful platform and all the great things it includes.


This short contains 8 simple questions that will help you find out: 

Are you a Windows Mobile Addict?

#1 - How many Windows Mobile devices do you carry?
1. Is that a trick question? Of course one...
2. Currently One. But I'm just about to get me one of those sexy Omnia/HTC/XPeria soon!
3. I have 2.
4. I have a few. What can I say, I'm a gadget freak.
5. I collect Windows Mobile devices, but hey, it's part of my job

#2 - What describes best the typical usage of your Windows Mobile device?
1. Not much. (I charge it every once in a while, does it count?)
2. Phone, Organizer
3. Phone, Organizer, emails
4. Phone, Organizer, emails, GPS, Internet, media, alarm clock
5. All of the above plus movies, gym, blogs , twitter, games, e-books, dictionaries, and more!

#3 - How many 'Today Plug-Ins' can be found in your 'Today' screen?
1. What's a 'Today Plug-in'?
2. Just the default ones I guess...
3. I have many cool plug-ins
4. Downloading those plug-ins is almost a hobby!
5. Plug-ins are for kids, men like me use advanced shell applications!

#4 - How often do you download and install Windows Mobile applications?
1. Never, the installation is always too complicated
2. Just the basic ones (free tools for instance).
3. OK, so I'm doing it often... sue me!
4. Are you kidding me? XDA-Developers is my home page!
5. I'm downloading and developing mobile applications all the time

#5 - The terms SPB, Resco, Opera tell you something about
1. I hate Opera. Jazz is my kind of music
2. Heard about it. Don't have any
3. Saw SPB Mobile shell once, using Opera Mini
4. Have many of their applications installed
5. I cracked them all. Personally. You will never catch me!

#6 - Are you browsing the Internet and doing emails during meetings?
1. Never. I hate when people play with their phones in meetings.
2. Well, maybe just in the boring ones
3. You can catch me type some stuff every now and then
4. Yes. I'm afraid I'm one of those guys who sit and type while others make decisions...
5. I do it all the time, but I type so fast with my sliding QWERTY no one notices (yeah, right...)

#7 - If you had to replace your device to something other than Windows Mobile, which one would you choose?
1. Honestly, I miss the simple Nokia cell-phones
2. iPhone of course! They say it's the best!
3. Blackberry would be perfect for my daily needs
4. None of the above. Need something more professional
5. What? No Treo Pro? I quit this survey.

#8 - You want to invite your friends to a bar. How would you do that? 1. Strange question... call them?
2. Send them an SMS
3. Actually I will ping them with my Mobile IM 
4. I will write about it in my Mobile Twitter
5. Don't have time to get social. I'm currently standing in the Sony Ericsson XPeria's pre-sale lineup!

OK. Time to check your results.

We didn't get enough budget to perform the calculation so you need to manually summarize your grade according to your answers' figures.

So do it now.

We'll be waiting...


Still waiting...


So now you have your total grade, but STOP!

Before proceeding, please enter your grade to the poll below so we can keep track of the results. Thanks!


And now Let's see if you are a Windows Mobile Addict!


For you, purchasing that PocketPC (this is how you call it, right?) was just like buying those great saucony running shoes: you used them twice, and then put them in your closet.

You are not even close to being a Windows Mobile Addict.



You are using your Windows Mobile device in a conservative way but at the same time you are suspicious about it. There's a good chance you will replace it one of those days with something more simple that suites your needs.

You are not a Windows Mobile Addict.



Even though your device may not be perfect - you really like it!

You find it useful in many ways, it help you organize stuff and improves your productivity while at the same time gives you a nice occupation for your spare time.

Still, not sure you are a real addict. You know your way around, you are a power user, but can we really trust you not to dump your WinMo phone for a Blackberry Bold?



You are indeed addicted to your Windows Mobile phone. You use it all day long, it is considered to be your best friend, and you invest many hours tweaking it around, customizing it and optimizing it according to your needs.

If someone wakes you up in the middle of the night, it's possible that the first thing you'll do is check your e-mails...

You are a Windows Mobile Addict.



If you haven't heard about WinMoholic Anonymous yet - now is the time to start participating their weekly meetings.

Being addicted is an understatement for you! You are craving for more and more mobile gadgets and applications!

You carry a bag full of Windows Mobile devices explaining "each one has its' purpose", when in fact, you love them so much you are giving them nick names!

You were the first to have Palm's Treo Pro and already put your hands on the HTC HD and Sony Ericsson's XPeria.

Official recommendation: Seek for help.

Unofficial note: We (geeks) envy you. 

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FallingMan said…
So funny! I guess I'm addicted too!
Anonymous said…
Jack said…
this does not calculate my total!
Anonymous said…
Question #8 needs "Send a Meeting Request via Outlook" as an option.
no name said…
Mate said…
I was certain I'm addicted. But I'm just in the second group... Maybe I need to get a new phone...
Anonymous said…
Yes, Windows Mobile is currently the best mobile phone platform available. But it leaves much to be desired. I scored a 22.
maceyr said…
Scored a 25 so I'm in the middle.