Weekend Quiz #2: Are you a Windows Mobile Expert?

Hi all and welcome to the second quiz in the series of the weekend quizzes.

1700-376houtwurm After last quiz, I realized people liked the idea, and so I decided to try and stick with this tradition and every couple of weeks I will post a quiz to my readers and other blogs readers as well. I already have few ideas about fun stuff like: Are you a mobile addict? Do you love your phone more than your woman? etc. But today we have a regular quiz, so let's find out:

Are you a Windows Mobile Expert?

1. Back in the old days, shutting down a running application required a long annoying process. what was the way to close a running program?

2. To change the size of the default font - what should be done?

3. If you want to set a personal ring tone to a special contact - what would be the shortest way to do that?

4. (I've posted a tweak about this one...) When you uncheck the system notifications and sounds (in the sounds & Notifications settings) - you still hear the annoying 'tap' sound when clicking on the soft-keys menus. There is a tricky way to remove those remaining tap sounds - what is it?

5. A "Today-Plugin" is...

6. A file with a .tsk extension is used for...

7. ClearType means: A. Light color fonts   B. Clearing (deleting) the types text    C. Clear typing with auto-complete   D. Smooth edges of the fonts.

8. The icon below indicates that...



That's it for this week's quiz.


If you think this is a piece of cake - you are probably WinMo power users! if not - wait for the answers (in few days) - and become one!


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