What does Microsoft Think of the Android

Just ran across this interview of Steve Ballmer.

Some Highlights:

In the Internet Search - Microsoft is David while Google is Goliath.

In regards to the Android Ballmer says: "You've got to remember Android is version one....and it looks like version one,"

According to him, an open source operating system will not be attractive to phone manufacturers, and windows mobile will remain ahead of of Blackberry, Apple's iPhone and Google Android in the smartphone market. (probably not in the US, right?)

More on the Android: "They've got one handset maker, we've got 55. They're available through one operator, we've got 175."

See full interview in here.


Douglas Smith said…
Awesome Gil! Cracking me up with that picture!
Anonymous said…
I would expect Microsoft to beat Google with the search - but this just doesn't happen.