What is a MID and how different it is from UMPC?

Benq S6I saw that the BENQ S6 device was lately released.

I thought it will be a good idea to talk about the differences between that device and other UMPC devices out there.


So first, let's get WIKI with it:

(after all - this blog is for us - the common people...)

UMPC: (also see previous post)

Ultra-Mobile PC (UMPC) is a (not so) new kind of computer which combines the power of Windows XP or Vista with mobile-ready technologies that make it easy to access and use your software on the go.
It actually should be portable almost as a PDA with the capabilities of a full PC computer.
The UMPCs was originally created as a small form factor tablet PC.
It was developed as a joint development exercise by Microsoft, Intel, and Samsung, (under the code name: Project Origami).


A Mobile Internet Device is an initiative raised by Intel for consumers and prosumers. The device contains a processor and chipset produced by Intel that consume less power than most of the x86 derivatives and are an extension of the Centrino mobile platform. As of today, several platforms have been announced.

The MID will run an embedded version of Linux with a finger friendly user interface modified by Intel, not Microsoft Windows operating system like other UMPCs. However, with the dual-core processor, the device is capable of running Windows XP and Windows Vista.


So now, what do we, the common people, think about MID vs. UMPC?

Well, why think when we can browse?

A quick search finds the following differences between the two:


  • Business-class device for enterprise users
  • Runs a "heavy" OS like Vista
  • Optimized for office-use applications like Excel, Word, etc.
  • Consumer-class lifestyle device
  • Runs a 'lightweight" OS with quick startup like Linux
  • Optimized for things like media playback and web surfing
  • In 2009 (or so) Moorestown-based devices will be classed as MIDs only

Aha. Now we know.

Oh, and I almost forgot about the original intention of this post: BNQ S6 was released, and it is a MID computer, running Linux OS, using Intel Atom 800 MHz processor.

BenQ S6

Assuming the price is not high, will you purchase one?

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