Windows Mobile: What Went Wrong?

 Hulk and windows mobileI received an email few days ago with a link to an article called:

Windows Mobile: What Went Wrong? 

I tend to agree with most of the stuff written there about the mobile platform which doesn't look modern anymore, and failed to innovate while other mobile OS are moving really fast (RIM, Apple, Google).

Still, this blog is mostly about Windows Mobile, which means I still like this good old platform.

And since I tend to dislike things much more than to like things, there's gotta be something good about Windows Mobile.

(a great example in my next post by the way)

Powerful platform, great stability, good performance, huge variety of devices, amazing development environment - and much more - made many of us a huge fans of Windows Mobile.

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amit said…
That post looks more like yet another mindless microsoft & windows bashing trash than anything else, however hard the author has tried to come off as an unbiased expert!
Gil Bouhnick said…
Could be, although some of the points are valid.
What he didn't mention - are the many advantages of Windows Mobile (which I included in my post)
amit said…
What he didn't mention - are the many advantages of Windows Mobile

Yeah you can say that he conveniently forgot them or overlooked them! :)