ZNax - a Totally Addictive Game for Windows Mobile (Freeware)


OK, this one is freaking me out.

This game is making me sick! Don't eat, don't drink coffee, I can't stop playing with it!

3 Minutes, all you need to do is find the biggest rectangles from the same colors and mark them, that's all!

So simple, so nasty!


I am finding myself playing with it every time I have the chance. (My current record [after around 30 games] is 7,500 - can you compete with that?)

BTW, the images are taken from another game I like: Shift (but it's not the same developer).

Correction [1/11]: this is actually the same developer who gave us Shift! His name (or nick name) is Mollusk, and he is obviously making fantastic games! (thanks for the correction, Amit).

Don't download this game, it will just make you waste all of your good time.

Don't try it out and don't install it - even though it's for free.

To [not] download ZNax - click here.


amit said…
Err, a few mistakes in your post Gil. The images are from the game Znax. And both Znax & Shift have been developed by the same developers, code by Mollusk & graphics by Pyroh. :)

Checkout Shift page & Znax page. :)
Gil Bouhnick said…
Thanks for the correction Amit, fixed the post.
My bad ;-)
amit said…
No problem, mistakes can happen to anyone, I make them all the time, eh! ;)

Btw Gil, I sent you an email with some feedback on Spoon Notes app, never got a reply back. Did you get it??
Gil Bouhnick said…
Tried looking in my SpoonTools mail - couldn't find it.

Can you resend?
amit said…
Just forwarded you the email that I sent last time on the gmail address mentioned in your blogspot profile! :)

Also sending you another update on that email.