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Nov 17, 2008

ASUS P565 Revealed!


ASUS has finally unleashed the beast and it's looking beautiful!

Like Apple, Samsung, HTC and even BlackBerry, ASUS created a minimal look excluding a keyboard for a finger friendly UI leaving only few hard buttons.

Do I like it - you ask?

I'm getting used to the idea.



Here's some of the bullets (taken from Asus site):

  • Powerful 800 MHz processor for superb multimedia performance
  • High-resolution 2.8” touchscreen for exceptional clarity and brilliance
  • Intuitive touch-responsive Glide interface for easy task management
  • Potent suite of business-oriented features and software
  • Leather-wrapped battery lid for air of bespoke exclusivity

    OK, so let's talk about it:

    800 MHZ??? I always knew ASUS's devices were strong, but 800 MHZ?

    In addition, see the top and bottom bars - can you see some kind of a difference with the usual windows mobile height? I can.

    It seems like Asus created some kind of a tweak to make the bars height bigger - a great idea to make the device more finger friendly.

    Last thing - the device comes with a special shell application  called the Glide Interface - if you want to try it out - check out this link (worked a bit too slow for me...). I'm not sure I like it so much, but I need to check it some more.


    Full Specifications can be found in here.

    Here's a video of the Glide Interface:

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