MobileSpoon Poll: The Best Smartphone in the World!

iphone_blackberry_WinMo OK, so here's the million dollar question:

With so many amazing new devices out there - which one is the best, which one is the most sexiest one, the one that the most of us crave for?

In other words:

If price and operator were not part of your considerations:

Which Smartphone would you purchase?

Asus P565 - The fastest phone in the world

T-Mobile G1 - The first Android phone

BlackBerry Bold - Probably RIM's best smartphone so far

BlackBerry Storm - RIM's first touch-screen device

HTC Touch Diamond - small, slim, fun, innovative

HTC Touch Pro - HTC's perfect business device

HTC Touch HD - Probably the most amazing HTC device so far

Apple iPhone - They all wanna look like him

Palm Centro - Palm's best seller so far

Palm Treo Pro - the Mobile Spoon's all times favorite!

Sony Ericsson XPeria - The long awaited device - is it really the best?

Samsung Omnia - They call him the iPhone killer - a perfect device?

Nokia E71 - Nokia's most elegant smartphone.

So there you go, those are the options.

What is your favorite smartphone of them all?

Vote (below), so we finally find out which one of the above is truly the best smartphone in the world!

Results will be published in few days.

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Anonymous said…
Great poll!
I voted HD - the best WM device!
HTC said…
Go HD!
Anonymous said…
No Nokia N96? (Not that I'd vote for it...)
Anonymous said…
Strange that iPhone is so far behind in the poll.
I so few people want to purchase it, does that mean everyone already has it or that it's that bad?
Anonymous said…
Where's my Palm Treo 800w??? I LOVE IT!!