BlackBerry Storm - Reviewed

SONY DSC I saw many reviews of the BlackBerry Storm today.

It seems like many bloggers got a pre-release to this device (why not me? Ha RIM? is that a nice thing to do?)

I've read some of the reviews (links below), and one thing that bothers me is - why did RIM had to create a full touch screen device?

I thought that RIM already have a niche, business phones, not fancy, not shiny, but practical. Perfect for business needs.


This new BlackBerry phone makes me wonder who will be the target customers for that device? business men? children? just people who didn't know what phone to pick?

One of the most important benefits of using BlackBerry so far was the amazing keyboard I never used a better keyboard than my 8800 device. With the Storm - I was certain the experience will not be the same - here's what EngadgetMobile had to write about the virtual keyboard of the Storm:

BlackBerrys have garnered an almost mythic stature as the phone for email and messaging. One of the components of RIM's success for that model has been the inclusion of QWERTY keypads (and more recently the halved QWERTY SureType keyboards) on their phones. As any email addict will tell you, very few devices can compete. The slant from RIM's PR on the Storm is that the new clickable touchscreen delivers another high caliber typist's dream to their roster -- but that couldn't be further from the truth. Rather than the click making things easier, it actually makes them more difficult. As you press down to engage a "key," you're required to release before moving to another, which means that you can only type so quickly. In our tests, we were constantly frustrated by the staggering, laggy movement when trying to type with any speed. You have to let the click depress before you can strike another character, and that makes for a stuttery input process. Additionally, hovering over characters is represented by a blue glow, which looks nice when moving around, but in practice doesn't do a very good job of letting you know what key you're touching. We had spelling errors aplenty. All of this would be helped greatly by an intelligent software component that guessed what you meant to type -- much like the iPhone's predictive element. Unfortunately, what RIM provides is more of a glorified T9, which means if you type "fo," it doesn't know you meant to type "do." Ultimately we found ourselves slowly and carefully pecking out messages that should have taken less time to put together, clicking screen or not.


In addition, from reading the reviews it seems like it takes some time to get used to the selection model: 1 click to highlight an item, another click (hard one) to perform a 'deep selection' and drill down.

Here's a great video review

Great reviews in here:

BlackBerry Storm review - Engadget

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Hands-on with BlackBerry Storm (Phone Arena)

Mossberg Video Review

Thoughts anyone?


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