HP Releases 2 new iPAQ Messengers

Well, I'm not sure I want to RECOMMEND on having an HP device.

The last 2 HP devices I had were extremely slow and had many unusual problems.

However, since I still have good memories from my first iPAQ device 5-6 years ago (I think) - I felt the need to report that there are 2 new iPaqs being released these days.


HP iPAQ Data Messenger:


This one looks nice.

With a sliding QWERTY Keyboard and few buttons on the main surface - this device definitely looks impressive.


Visit HP for more information



Here's a comment I found in HP's site...

"HP Data Messenger vs HTC touch pro
QVGA resolution vs. VGA
128M ram vs. 288M ram
1140mAh battery vs 1500mAh"

HP iPAQ Voice Messenger:

The second device is iPAQ Voice Messenger.

hp-ipaq-voice-messenger_400x400 Same look, but without the sliding keyboard. Instead, a 20-key keyboard with alphanumeric/QWERTY layout.

This device is Windows Mobile Standard which means - no touch screen and less applications to download. Many people actually prefer this version of Windows Mobile although I personally always preferred the professional one.

Visit HP's site for more information and specifications

Products Demo can be found in here


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