HTC Touch HD - The Manliest Phone!


Just saw that HTC Touch HD - probably one of the most fascinating Windows Mobile devices today - is one of the 3 manliest gadgets of 2008.

What's a manliest gadget? I guess it has to be big, fast, great looking, probably not something that looks like HTC Touch Diamond... but according to my special sources (Google) the Polish TV channel TVN Turbo is running this kind of contest every year, in order to find the most masculine products of the year.

144 products have already been whittled down to just 12, and the HD is one of the 3 finalists in the gadget section. Cewooool.

The other two products are the Pentax Optio W60 and Sony Vaio series laptops.

I heard that T-Mobile G1 (HTC's Android phone) was also a candidate but the voters thought it looks too old to really exist in 2008...

Android copy

Here in the MobileSpoon we made our own poll - what is the best smartphone in the world? and so far the Touch HD is performing very wall (number #2 at the moment). Soon the final poll results.


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