HTC Touch HD - Reviewed by PocketNow


PocketNow - a good source for handheld reviews has published a detailed review of HTC's beast: Touch HD.


This device is very interesting, I believe it's one of the coolest phones today, the review includes a lot of useful information, and here's the summary:

As I mentioned, for the business user, the Touch HD is just not practical. Instead, business users should consider the HTC Touch Pro or SE XPERIA X1. If you're looking for the most flashy/sexy/gorgeous (and capable) multimedia and internet browsing phone that has ever been sold, the Touch HD deserves your serious consideration

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I believe the most important things are well summarized in this list of pros and cons (followed by my humble comments inline...):


  • Super sexy design (that's right!)
  • Has a large, high resolution screen
  • Everything is finger-friendly (we heard about many tweaks HTC did in order to achieve this)
  • Ships with an 8GB microSD card (I believe that should be enough)
  • Includes 3.5mm headphone jack
  • Solid performance (Important)
  • Haptic feedback on hardware buttons and some icons (Cool, I must try this, can anyone send me one HD please? I want to review it)
  • Pouch/screen protector/extra stylus included
  • Includes updated version of TouchFLO 3D
  • Upload to YouTube right from the device (very cool!)
  • Decent battery life


  • Feels big in hand (I actually prefer big phones)
  • Poor one-handed usability (this one is critical)
  • Lacks D-Pad and programmable buttons (wrote about it already)
  • Lacks US 3G bands
  • Cannot re-orient display to landscape permanently
  • Still no Flash support in Opera Mobile
  • Needs a more robust built-in video player
  • microSD slot and soft reset hole is under battery cover
  • Status LED is tiny
  • No flash on camera
  • Not practical for business users (obviously)


Full review can be found in here.


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