Microsoft's Newcomer: Kojax


It's a season of rumors here at the Mobile Spoon.

After talking about some Micro-Phone rumors, here's another one, spotted at ZDNet by Amir (thanks for the tip my friend!).

Kojax is the code name.

Kojax is a mobile development platform that will allow developing 'applets' in an Ajax-like way - using Microsoft's Visual Studio tools.

The technology will enable developing small JavaScript apps in Microsoft's powerful development - compatible with Java-based mobile phones.

According to ZDNet the type of applications that will fit this technology will be things like a virtual wallet for online payments, a group messaging service and photo-sharing app — things that build on top of Windows Live for Mobile services.

"Some of these Kojax-based applets will ad-funded; others will likely be transaction- and subscription-based."

I think that adding Java phones capabilities to Microsoft's great development platform would be a great addition and will give an opportunity for people who know Java but dislike dev Java tools (like myself) to develop for platforms other than PC or Windows Mobile.

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Amir said…
Well done my friend :-)