Microsoft RIM Takeover Rumors


Rumors rumors rumors. The mobile industry is just like a big happy soap opera.

After Windows Mobile 7 was rumored to be postponed, Windows Mobile 6.5 became the hot topic of the day.

And today I found an older post in about possibilities that Microsoft will take advantage of RIM's share taking a beating (dropped from $148 to around $50) and try to takeover BlackBerry maker.

The article includes few interesting pros and cons. Will Microsoft try to merge between the two platforms? Will enterprise prefer implementing a single platform instead of 2? Does it make sense for Microsoft to buy a company that makes hardware that doesn't run Windows Mobile? And uses... Java?

Thinking about it, if it does happen eventually, I wonder what would be better for us... Running Windows Mobile on a Blackberry device or running Blackberry OS on an HTC device...

att-blackberry-bold-ofc copyhtc-tytn-ii copy2

Think about it...

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