My Device is Dead...


Although I recently managed to put my hands on several devices, I must say that my private one always remained Palm's good old Treo 750 (until I get the Treo Pro of course).

Today, after probably just too many tests, installations, tweaks, and development - this good old bold, stocky, rugged phone, which for almost two years now - never let me down - finally gave up.

Synchronization isn't working any longer, notifications are gone, calendar not working anymore - all are indication that my Treo just couldn't stand it any longer.

(Sad music in the background...)

With backups which are far from being up to date - this is indeed a sad thing to happen.

So, tonight I will perform a hard reset, and build it all over again.

I will take the opportunity to report about the 'must have' applications and free tools that I'm installing - you may find it interesting.

To be continued...


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