A new Xperia device coming soon?


There are rumors about a new XPeria device from Sony Ericsson that will have a vertical sliding keyboard.

I saw a post about it in MobileCrunch where the author complained about this type of form factor where the keyboard is too narrow to be really useful (comparing to the XPeria full landscape QWERTY keyboard). On the other hand the 2 post comments seemed happy with this design.

Regardless to this rumor (will we see this kind of XPeria soon or not) - I'm wondering which of the alternative keyboards is better:

Full landscape QWERTY keyboard or vertical sliding keyboard?

xperia-x1 xpconcept

Frankly, I'm not sure I have a strict opinion here.

The landscape keyboard requires 2 hands, which is not cool, but when it comes to long typing - the keys are definitely wider.

hmmm... thoughts anyone?


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