Pocket Video Poker for Windows Mobile!

PVP Yes!

At last!

It's here!

Video Poker for Windows Mobile!


You probably know the story: you go to Vegas, you visit the casino, you start loosing money, then you see this nice innocent video poker machine and think to yourself: "how bad can that be? After all - all of those old ladies seem to get along with this harmless game..."

So you start... and after few days... (twist coming through:) you realize you spent most of you vacation in front of this machine, but didn't lose so much money!

That's almost like winning!

Anyway, I was looking for this game for a while now, and finally found it at the XDA-Developers!

Currently it seems like it was designed for VGA screens (icons are cut when you are using QVGA) - but it's not something that can ruin the game.


Download Pocket Video Poker 4.0

Few Instructions notes:

You can change the initial bet by clicking on the relevant column (thank you very much, it took me a while to discover that one...).

You can use 2 players (but why should I share it? it's mine! MINE!)

To hold cards - click on each card you want to hold (this is simple)

More instructions in this thread:





If you want to support the developer - please do so by donating.

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