Some Inside Information about HTC


No, I don't know anyone working for HTC. in fact, I know some of their devices and that their name stands for Hi Tech Computers and that's about it.

(Hi Tech Computers? Com'on! This is weak...)

But, apparently, PPCGeeks managed to interview a guy who is working in one of HTC's "repair/order/design" facilities.

Criticalaudioinc likes talking a lot, otherwise how can you explain the 50 pages of posts? (now I understand how HTC are producing so many new devices in such a short time...)

Anyways, the interesting part is that WMExperts has summarized the juicy stuff and you can find it all in here.

Want to know how HTC burn their devices? How their facilities look like? Check out the link and learn more about the number one manufacturer of Windows Mobile devices (and that spooky old looking Android phone...)