Sony Ericsson XPeria X2? Sora?


I found a bunch of concept images describing the soon to come Sony Ericsson XPeria Sora (or X1).

According to the rumors it would run Windows Mobile 7, in which case it will probably be released around... 2013, along with Android version 4 and iPhone 3.2.

se_xperia_sora_1  se_xperia_sora_2


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Jimz said…
Seriously, I don't think this image will even come close to the new Sony Ericson Xperia X2, this looks more like a restyled Nokia N95 (What photoshop could be good for ey ;) ) Nope, this is Not going to be the new Xperia. There are some concept arts on the net that you can find on google and they look more like what the actual phone could/would look like.