SPB Keyboard 4.0 Released

  SPB Keyboard2

I'm writing this post using a virtual keyboard from SPB.

I must admit this is one my first attempts to use a full virtual QWERTY keyboard and so far things are going ok but slow...

If you are following my blog, I assume you know by now that I always prefer a full physical QWERTY keyboard rather than using a virtual keyboard, but the iPhone and latest cool devices such as the Omnia and HD made me realize many users simply don't need a physical keyboard but from time to time they do need to type a few words...

And when they do - they need a decent way to type.

Few good things I can already say: 4 lines keyboard, good location of comma and period, big space bar, and some kind of automatic typo correction: IT SEEMS like (oops, left the caps lock on...) sometimes after I type a wrong letter - I get an auto correction which is interesting.

The full screen mode is nice, even though I found that the default layout is actually comfortable enough.

SPB Keyboard UpsideDown

In addition, there are many configuration points, including gestures and custom dictionary.

Screen12 spb

I tested it on 2 devices and the feel is pretty much the same.

The keyboard automatically adjusts itself when changing the screen orientation. Cooooool.

SPB Keyboard

OK. Let's do some testing: let’s try out some fast typing without checking or fixing the text:

My name is Gil Boihnick and I'm currently trying to type really fast with spb leyblard 4.0. This is really a fun game, but im not dure you guys appreciate it...

Ok so let's see how I did, oh, that's embarrassing, my only mistakes were in the names... Mine (Gil Bouhnick) and the product I just reviewed (SPB leyblard was supposed to be keyboard...) How's that for a professional review???

BTW, both of my thumbs hurt right now, I guess it takes some time to get used to a virtual keyboard.


A virtual keyboard will never be as good as a physical keyboard, but I must say I am a bit surprised with the ease of typing with SPB Keyboard 4.0. I think it's better than the HTC Touch Diamond keyboard which I tried couple of months ago and didn't like so much.

There are many other new features in this version which I didn't review: check out SPB's press release for a complete list.

 Try it out

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