SpoonAlarm Improvements - I'm Collecting Requests

SpoonAlarm2.1 Hi all,

I've been receiving a lot of requests for improvements in the SpoonAlarm.

I will collect the relevant ones and start working on a new version soon.


Here's some of the things I received so far...

SpoonAlarm_9 Don't expect it to be in the coming days (as my spare time is really limited these days) - but I will keep you all posted.

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In the meantime, if you have any additional feedback - feel free to comment or drop me an email.


Bruce said…
Okay, I know it's ridiculous, but I installed SpoonAlarm but never used it because I don't have any mp3's on my phone. And I don't want to have to dig through my music to find something that sounded "alarmy".

A few bundled alarm tracks would be great!
Anonymous said…
How about the ability to use .wma files for audio alarms? Much of my music library is ripped as .wma.
Anonymous said…
I've noticed that after you snooze an alarm a few times, then turn off spoon alarm (finally woke up), spoon doesn't quit completely. There are processes left running, one for each time spoon was snoozed. I can only terminate these by rebooting. I'm using a treo 800.

also it would be good to see all spoon alarms in some list, to be cancel-able, not just the next one.
Anonymous said…
I also think .wma playable for next version will be good.
watnou said…
i have a htc touch HD.

Altough v2.1 is working fine, it doesn't listen to the config of the snooze time. By default its 5 minutes.
Doesn't matter if i put it on 10, 30 or 60 minutes.

PS: can you snooze it also when i move my phone? the HD has an acceleration sensor (g-sensor they call it i think)
watnou said…

did you already know your domain 'spoontools.com' is not working.
I get a godaddy.com page. As if the domain is free to register.
Matt said…
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Matt said…
I have my music organized into folders, and spoonalarm isn't capable of looking into folders that didn't come preset into the phone, so I need to put whichever mp3 I want to use as an alarm in the "My Music" folder. Could you improve the program's ability to locate files? I have an LG Incite.
RG said…
Is the SpoonAlarm dead?? I see the last update looks to be 11/08. Did I miss the bus here? I hope not! I like this alarm and your plans with it as well. What about adding a specified volume level for the alarm. Meaning, you can have your phone set on low volume but SpoonAlarm on somewhat higher. This is helpful while sleeping with the phone on so when drunks call me at 3am, I don't  have my ringer set real loud and wake up the wife and kid. This is one of the better features in other alarms. Hey, flip me an email and let me know you're still around and kicking!! Thanks for the great program!!
MobileSpoon said…
SpoonAlarm is not dead!
It's just that the last few months were extremely busy, so I didn't have time to touch it.

Thanks for the good feedback, I will release a minor release with the volume fix soon.
Gep said…
I really like SpoonAlarm except it has a show-stopper bug:  Even though both the alarm and countdown are turned off, an alarm still goes off.  I can't tell why this is there.  I think I turned on the alarm, then turned it off but it did not cancel it.

Furthermore, I'm using the notifications option (on) so that it runs even though my screen is turned off.  I always get two notifications for each alarm - a bit annoying.

Feature requests:
1.  Allow the user to set the alarm volume.  One option would be to start out soft, then get louder.
2.  Allow different mp3 files to be set for the countdown and the regular alarm.  I did not have many mp3s (all wma or wav files), so I rounded up some good bell mp3 files if you need them.
3.  Option to exit out entirely.  There is only a minimize button.

Great program - very simple, easy to use.  Too many alarm programs are overkill.  This is just right!
Sarah said…
I have an LG incite and I have been using the spoon alarm for about 2 weeks now. I didn't find any problems with using other media formats (other than mp3)  for an alarm sound. In fact I am using a wmv file [a music video as well].

Howvever there are a few glitches that I found:
1.You can hear that there are two songs playing (both the song that i chose as the alarm sound) when the alarm is sounding. I can stop one of them if I click snooze once which solves the problem but I was hoping that problem could be fixed so I wouldn't have to do that.

2.Sometimes when spoon alarm is open (I minimize it after setting an alarm) and I use other applications as well, my phone freezes up and that way the alarm of course can not be ringed. I have to soft reset my phone in order to get it working again. I'm not sure if this is a problem with the alarm or a problem with my phone because this only started happening after I started using spoon alarm. I was wondering if you could try to lower the memory used when using spoon alarm.
The programs I used were:
1.internet explorer, memory used : 856k
2.palringo, memory used: 756k
3. spoon alarm, memory used: 1.48M

3. When the color option is changed it doesn't stay that way the next time I use it again. This is a small glitch that I don't really mind so you don't have to worry about it as much I guess?

I also have a question, do we have to keep spoon alarm open in order for the alarm to sound? Is that why you can't close the program completely?

Nonetheless I still love spoon alarm so I'll still try using it even with the glitches. Being able to use a video as an alarm sound was really surprising so keep up the good work! ;]
Please and thank you :D
tbowl said…
hey man. is spoon alarm dead? I can use this app as soon as the volume defect is fixed. it blasts volume in the morning even on lowest setting for my phone. I'm in love with this app, but plz fix even just the volume. Please! :D
Gabriele said…
Thank you for the nice app !
With HTC HD2 it's difficult to push the buttons UP and DOWN (when i set the time) because they are to small.
On HD2 there isn't a pen ... and with fingers is difficult.

UP and DOWN arrows larger please.
Thank you
tbowl said…
any updates? I'd love to start 2010 knowing I have an actual chance at waking up in the morning. :P Just need volume fixed. :)  Other than that I love the app.
kregal said…
I would love to use this, but it won't work because it uses the ultra-crappy Windows Mobile file browser.  My mp3s are in a different folder, and it is impossible to navigate there with the WM interface.  Is there any way around this?