Suggestion: Windows Mobile Touch

If your hooked to the Mobile Blogsphere, you probably heard already about the rumors about Microsoft's Pink: Zune based phone, iPhone rival, Microsoft's first attempt to manufacture a Windows Mobile based phone with Nvidia Tegra. (if not - see previous post)


And I'm asking: what's going on here? Every day we hear new rumors about Microsoft's efforts but so far nothing really happens, and even the new PIE already gets a bad feedback.

I say: Microsoft, stick with the simple things!

Here's 10 things I would do to improve Windows Mobile quickly and with low development costs:

1. Embed a great shell interface into Windows Mobile, some really good ones already exist!

2. Make the user interface lists scrollable by finger

3. Enable resizing the menus, buttons and combo-boxes so people can totally control the "finger friendliness" of their phone (wanna learn how?)

4. Change the size of the top bar so that using the [OK] button with a finger would be more convenient

5. Drop it with those poor Internet explorer efforts - we are all using Opera already.

6. Improve some UI areas around the phone, calendar, email, and contacts functionality - those are the areas where Windows Mobile is very powerful but has a weak user interface.

7. Wrap some admin tools such as the horrible connections dialog with a more friendly UI

8. Add a better built-in network roaming

9. Add some cool animations when opening/closing a window, more than that is just exaggerated.

10. Call it Windows Mobile Touch - the 'Touch' brand seems to work perfectly for HTC!


That's it! You are all set!

The infrastructure is already the best, all the manufacturers are just waiting for improvements that will help design slick devices, all we need is few more gimmicks and a spoiling interface and we are all set! (If you think about it - most of it is already there).

WinMoTouch Windows Mobile Touch.

The best WinMo version ever created.



What do you think?

Do I have a case?

Should I contact someone in Microsoft and suggest this roadmap?


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Pony99CA said…
First, I think Windows Mobile needs more than a user interface makeover. Making it finger-friendly will make it more competitive against the iPhone, but there are still more things that need fixing. I wrote up a detailed list of them and am thinking of posting it as an editorial on my site.

Second, don't just make it finger-friendly. As I said in my "Why Windows Mobile Needs A Stylus" editorial (, WM should have a finger-friendly mode, but also a stylus mode to avoid losing functionality.

Finally, don't give up on IE Mobile. I use IE Mobile, so not everybody is using Opera. (I do use MultiIE on my Pocket PCs, but that just improves IE a lot.)


P.S. I can nevr Preview my comments, and your Captcha system doesn't seem to work in Firefox....
Parrotlover77 said…
I agree. The stylus is EXTREMELY underrated in this iPhone world. I love my stylus and you will have to pry it from my cold dead hands! ;-)