Tip: How to fix the D-Pad problem in HTC Touch Diamond / Pro / Fuze


I hate to be the one saying: "I told you so" but I did tell you so.

It took me couple of minutes of working with the Touch Diamond to notice that the d-pad which is embedded inside those 4 hardware keys is absolutely terrible. The sensitivity is too low, and since it's part of one physical surface holding more buttons many times clicking one of the arrows resulted in clicking 'back' or 'end'.

Here's a full thread in XDA-Developers with many complains about it.

And here's one of my older posts where I spotted it.

But, never mind me, I always complain, especially when it comes to the Diamond which I (for some reason) really don't like.

Today, I found that this problem can be solved, and since looking at my blog statistics I can see that the Diamond is one of the most popular topics (more posts in here) - I thought I will share it with my readers.

According to the thread in XDA - users which were using HTC Diamond, HTC Touch Pro/Fuze complained about the d-Pad, especially the 'right' button which doesn't work properly and many times triggers another hard button.

Luckily, it seems that there's a solution: instead of trying to press the rim of the D-pad, it may be better to actually press between the Back and End Call, or Home and Call button.

Here's some visual explanation:

This may not work properly:


This area is better when you wish to click 'right'



Here's a full video about this problem and solution:

Hope you find the tip useful.


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Guest said…
Excellent tip! Another reason to make me love my Touch Pro even more :)