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Nov 15, 2008

Why Windows Mobile Needs Stylus

As you may or may not know, I'm writing every once in a while for MobilitySite - a really great blog with many writers and lot's of mobile news.

In my last post there (2 days ago) I received an interesting comment from someone called Pony99CA, including a link to a post he wrote about 'Why Windows Mobile Needs a Stylus'.

While I'm always complaining about the lack of finger friendly UI - here's few points I do agree about:

  • You'd lose handwriting recognition. While I never got it to work well for me, a lot of people have and love it.

  • You'd lose inking in Notes. The ability to add drawings in your notes makes them more useful.

  • Selection for copy/paste operations would be more difficult. That's probably one reason that Windows Mobile Standard and the iPhone don't have full-fledged copy/paste yet. You either need to switch into a selection or cursor mode (which wastes time) or have an on-screen cursor like regular Windows with a separate way to control it (using the directional pad means having a cursor mode).

  • Scrolling large distances is more difficult.

  • Drawing programs would be almost nonexistent. Trying to draw with your finger instead of a stylus is like comparing fingerpainting to ink sketches.

  • The learning curve could be worse for experienced Windows Mobile users. New users might like an exclusively finger-friendly interface, but some experienced users might not.

I recommend reading the entire post - it's really good.


Pony99CA said...

Thanks for picking up on my editorial so quickly.


P.S. I had a typo in my original post. The link only takes you to the correct page, not directly to the story. The correct link is:

Leonick said...

Too bad there isnt any handwriting recognition for non english

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