Windows Mobile 6.5 - Coming in 2009!

Hulk and windows mobile Wow! This is great!

Few days ago, I've posted about Motorola's head of mobile division accidentally slip of the tongue about Windows Mobile 6.5.

As we learned by now, those things are always an indication that something is truly happening.

And indeed, Steve Ballmer, at the Telstra Briefing 2008 in Australia, said the following:

With releases we’ll make this year - releases we’ll make with 6.5 next year, Windows Mobile 7, I think we have a pretty interesting roadmap.

No one can tell when, or how it will look like, I personally don't expect amazing things; probably just improvements to the current OS, and few small innovations, but nothing revolutionary.

This is also a way to buy some time, as Windows Mobile 7 is delayed.

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