And the best Smartphone in the world is...


Almost 2 weeks ago I created a poll under the title "What is the best Smartphone in the world?".

My idea was to see what is the most desirable device according to the readers of the MobileSpoon and much bigger blogs such as MobilitySite, TiltMobility and other friends.

After all, the "best smartphone" is a subjective term - so what's better than just asking the power users?

The question was:

If price and operator were not part of your considerations:

Which Smartphone would you purchase?

Under the list of answers I included Palm, Asus, iPhone, HTC, Samsung, BlackBerry, Sony Ericsson - all the latest and greatest - and remember - price was not to be considered.

The results are pretty amazing. A total knock-out. A defeat!

HD knockout copy

HTC's Touch Pro and Touch HD got (together) 64% of the votes!

Amazing don't you think?

Indeed a crushing victory for HTC!


Check out the complete list in here.

The winner is actually the Touch Pro (34%), second place goes to Touch HD (30%) and the third place goes to Sony Ericsson XPeria with a nice achievement (but with only 10%... far away from the first two).

winner copy

Notice that BlackBerry did very bad in the poll (Bold and Storm got only 3% together...), and so did the iPhone (probably since not many iPhone users are reading these blogs...).

My favorite Treo-Pro got only 10 votes (one of them is mine...) but the only device that did not receive any vote at all was Palm Centro with a clear 0 votes... hmm...

And getting back to HTC: I was certain that the HD will win the contest. After all - it is the manliest gadget of 2008 right? But I guess a physical keyboard is still one of the most important thing in a mobile device and so HTC Touch Pro is the winner and is the undisputed best smartphone in the world!!!


And a personal request:

HTC: if you are reading this post, I think I deserve brand new HD and Pro devices (OK, I settle for just one of them... pretty please?).

After all - I need to know the phone that just won the title "best in the world" - in person, right?

(Say yes! Say yes! I promise to write a fair review about it!)