Apple says: "iPhone is a Gaming Console"

Just read this quote at EngadgetMobile:

"John Geleynse (AKA Director of Technology Evangelism at Apple) made some statements regarding the iPhone platform that should seriously raise a few eyebrows. During an ADC "iPhone Tech Talk" in San Jose, Geleynse apparently waxed excited about the potential for the handheld as a viable threat to the DS (and the PSP by proxy), calling the iPhone a "gaming console" and claiming that "it's not a phone, it's a console experience."


I didn't know John is reading my blog!


Leonick said…
Well if its thought to be a gaming device, why give it such a misleading name? :p

And please, thinking that it could be a threat to the DS or psp (though psp could be possible) is as stupid as thinking that the iPhone could affect pc or digital camera sales :p