Best Twitter Applications for Windows Mobile


I personally don't use Twitter, but if you do - here's a nice summary of the best Twitter clients available in Windows Mobile.

The review was written by WindowsMobileCool and includes:

1. ceTwit,

2. Twitter Answers,

3. GPS Twit,

4. Quakk,

5. TwitToday .

As I said, I can't tell you how good they really are - but read the nice post and check for yourself.

And since we already mentioned those 5 Twitter apps, here's some other useful links in case you are interested:

Original Post


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amit said…
I've tried a lot of clients for Windows Mobile but personally I feel that PockeTwit is now better than most & its improving every day! Would seriously recommend you to give it a spin! :)
Gil Bouhnick said…
Thanks for the tip Amit!
Will check it out.